Apex Legends Concepts From Titanfall 2 Art

Apex Legends Characters concept from titanfall2
The art of Titanfall 2
  • Some Apex Legends characters and cosmetics come from Titanfall 2 concept. Does this mean new Legends will be drafted and added from previous titles?

Apex Legends Concepts From Titanfall 2 Art

Apex Legends, the hero based battle royale game taking the world by storm, currently hosts 8 Legends to choose from.  The game takes place in the Titanfall Universe however it does not contain Titans but Legends. It’s very common to see game developers using ideas from past titles and incorporating them into new releases. The same holds true for Apex Legends as the concept art is the same as Titanfall. First, the surroundings and universe are very familiar. This is made clear when Apex Legends developers state that, the game takes place 30 years after the Titanfall 2 events. Sources show how current Legends come from past concepts. Let’s explore the possibility of new Legends coming from past titles and concept art.

Bloodhound Legend Concept

The first true sign of Legends based on Titanfall is Bloodhound. A book called The Art of Titanfall 2, reveals tons of concepts, one of them showcasing Bloodhound. This confirms to Apex fans, that new Legends or cosmetics can be sourced and imported from the original Titanfall 2 art.

More Concepts Derived From The Art of Titanfall 2

They draw a concept and freeze it, then take it when they can use it. Besides Bloodhound, some of current Legends seem to have originated from the art concept. Here is a look at more concepts from the book.

Apex Legends Characters concept 3

Apex Legends Characters concept 2

Apex Legends Characters concept

Here are some locations that could be added to King’s Canyon from these very pages.

Apex Legends concept art1

Apex Legends concept art2

Apex Legends concept art3

The Supply Drops in Apex Legends look exactly like the survival pods from Titanfall 2.

Apex Legends survival pods concept

Guns in Apex Legends are the same as the Art of Titanfall 2 concepts. Even the names are the same.

Apex Legends Guns concept

All the images are taken from The Art of Titanfall 2.

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