Apex Legends CAUSTIC Toxic Trapper


In this article, we take a look at Apex Legends CAUSTIC Toxic Trapper, a middle-aged mad scientist named Alexander Nox whose toxic abilities can wreak havoc in close proximity locations.

Apex Legends CAUSTIC Toxic Trapper

You have a choice of 8 characters in Apex legends. Six of them are already unlocked, two of them are not.

To unlock Mirage and Caustic, you need to either use 12000 Legend Tokens which you get from in-game experience or 750 Apex Coins which you can buy in the game store.

Apex Legends Caustic Toxic Trapper Battle Royale EA
Image source: EA
Apex Legends CAUSTIC Abilities
Apex Legends Caustic Toxic Trapper EA Kings Canyon
Image source: EA

Each legend character has 3 abilities, Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate. For Caustic, he has two abilities that deal damage to the enemy, and one that helps him see enemies through his gas.

Tactical Ability – Nox Gas
Image source: EA

The tactical ability for Apex Legends Caustic can work wonders for you if you deploy his gas traps properly. When you let the ability full charge, it can deploy three gas traps. This comes in handy when you’re in a room or a building by placing these bombs close to the door, or area you anticipate heavy fire or incoming enemies. These traps can be triggered by enemies or you if you shoot it. Use it to stun, and drop enemies.

Passive Ability – Nox Vision
Image source: EA

Caustics’ Passive ability will help you see enemies through the gas you deploy. This helps if you shoot gas in a room or in the open, while the enemy can’t see you.

Ultimate Ability – Nox Gas Grenade
Image source: EA

Caustics Ultimate Ability is one of the most lethal as it can take out an entire squad if deployed tactically. Once you shoot the Nox Gas Grenade in the enemy radius, it will stun them and damage them leaving them vulnerable to your attack. Use this ultimate ability on campers, squads cramped up, or enemies in buildings.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to rack up kills, and add dominance to your squad, use Caustic as he can help in situations where you’re ambushed, stuck in a building, or looking to clear out an area.

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