Apex Legends’ Buffed Peacekeeper Is Insane And NRG Dizzy Shows Us How To Use It.

Apex Legends Buffed Peackeeper Insane NRG Dizzy How To Use It.
  • Recent findings show us that Peacekeeper can be a viable option even at range, and a favorite for one of the best Apex Legends players in the world, Dizzy.

Apex Legends has many weapons in the game, and every season has a new weapon added. These weapons are generally coming straight from the Titanfall universe and numerous weapons are still in the works. However, some of these weapons are a bit stronger than Titanfall 2. The Peacekeeper was an overpowered weapon at the release of the game. However, with some nerfs the damage potential dropped a lot. But maybe the most interesting nerf came with the new map.

The new map allows players to engage at further distances. Since the map is bigger, players tend to equip a long-range rifle such as the Longbow or a Charge Rifle. This is understandable because the World’s Edge is a much bigger map than the King’s Canyon. Therefore shotguns were generally equipped as a secondary weapon or sometimes not at all. However, recently, Apex Legends added a firing range into the game. In this firing range, players are able to test out weapons and attachments such as hop-ups. One particular find from players is that the Peacekeeper can outperform certain long-range weapons under specific circumstances.

Dizzy Tries The Buffed Peacekeeper

One of the best Apex Legends players in the world is NRG Dizzy. He was the first player to reach level 100, and this put him on the map in the esports world. One of the biggest esports teams in the world prospected Dizzy and immediately recruited him. Here’s Dizzy playing with the new buffed Peacekeeper.

The Peacekeeper with the right attachments is able to make 103 damage to a target at long range while a Triple take can only do 69 damage. Of course, Triple Take is an interesting comparison because this weapon can act like a shotgun in the short-range as well. However, Peacekeeper doing 103 damage is insane. This is supposed to be a shotgun after all. Most of the pro players choose to use Peacekeeper generally and this can be the main reason. The weapon can act even better than a sniper rifle. Of course, you need to be really precise with your shots if you are using Peacekeeper.

Apex Legends developers Respawn Entertainment surely needs to take a look at this. Because Peacekeeper is already a very good weapon especially in the early game or at the end game when the circle is small enough. A Shotgun dealing 103 damage in the range is insane.

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