Apex Legends Beginner Tips and Tricks

Apex Legends Beginner Tips and Tricks
Source: EA
  • Apex Legends has released season 3 . If you’re new to the Battle Royale game then read these essential Tips and Tricks to jump right into the action.

Apex Legends Beginner Tips and Tricks

Apex Legends Battle Royale season 3 is here, and this guide will help you get up to speed (for beginners!). The core of the game is based around 8 Legends original legends with 3 new legends added to the playing field. Each has their own unique abilities. You can choose any Legend and play with two teammates. Currently, the game only has a squad option comprising of 3 players per squad, however, Respawn Entertainment did test solo modes last month. The game requires lots of teamwork and strategic planning.

Apex Legends is played with 60 players in the map. Although a little overwhelming at first, once a player gets a hang of everything, the game becomes very addicting. Let’s check out some Apex Legends Beginner Tips and Tricks to start you off.

1. Map Knowledge
Apex Legends Map Kings Canyon
Source: EA

Apex Legends Beginner Tips number one is map knowledge. There are 17 important zones in the game. The loot is randomized but a players has the best chance of finding good weapons in certain zones.

Apex Legends Shield In-Game Protection
Source: EA

The Jumpmaster of the squad initiates the jump over the selected location but other players can place markers to suggest areas. Before you decide on a drop location check your map for the following items:

Respawn Beacon: These beacons are found in various locations of the map. They help you revive killed teammates to bring them back into the game. All you need is to recover their banner item and bring it to a Respawn Beacon location. If a teammate is revived through respawn, he will enter back into the ring with no weapons or gear.

Supply Ship: Supply ships provide high tier loot for players. The ship drops higher tier loot on average. Be ready to fight for the loot because many players visit these locations.

Hot Zone: Probably the best loot in the game will be in these circles. These circles are found around various locations.

2. Shields


In the game, shields can be used by finding armor then filling it up. There are different item levels for the armor as well. For example, white armor will give 50 health, while blue or purple will give you a 75. You find helmets to lesser damage from headshot damage. Helmets also have different variety levels. You can get 100 shield with Shield Batteries. Shield Cells, on the other hand, will allow you to recharge your shield 25 at a time. One interesting item is the Knockdown Shield. This shield protects you when you are in a DBNO state make sure you use it.

3. Jump and Slide

Apex Legends Beginners do not use these features enough. Jumping is unique in Apex Legends. When you hold the jump you will start climbing. It does not climb very high but you can find a ledge to stop, then continue to climb again. This will give you an important height advantage over enemies. There is no fall damage with Apex Legends

Sliding is another important aspect of the game. In Apex Legends Sliding is very fast and you can slide longer than most games. Holding your slide while traveling downhill will speed up your movement to cover ground quickly.

4. Attachments

Except for Fortnite, most Battle Royale games have attachments. Apex Legends is no different and has even more attachments than most games. Attachment list ranges from, magazine extensions to barrel attachments. One thing to remember is in Apex Legends when you find a better weapon you do not need to change every attachment one by one. You simply need to equip the gun and the attachments, from the weapon you discarded, will be transferred on to your new gun. However, make sure the attachments are compatible for your new gun or you will see a red icon stating the attachment is not being equipped.

5. Gunplay
Apex Legends Gunplay Choosing Equipping
Source: EA

Apex Legends gunplay is a little different than most Battle Royale games. The Time to Kill is much longer. Make sure you have enough bullets before you engage. Another good tip is to understand the color of the damage you are incurring. In Apex Legends there are several colors for the damage values these colors indicate the armor level of your enemies.

  • Purple: Level 3 Armour
  • Blue: Level 2 Armour
  • White: Level 1 Armour
  • Red: No Armour

You can slide and shoot enemies. If you are using a shotgun one good tip is to close the gap with your enemy. Sliding into an enemy will help you defect enemy bullets.

6. Pinging

This amazing feature of the game is vital for the 3 man squad. Apex Legends is designed in a way that even complete foreigners can play the game with each other using pings. You can ping everything in the game. This system allows you to ping a gun for your teammates to pickup or a location to attack. Most importantly If you fast click ping twice you show your enemies location.


Apex Legends is a hero shooter game and you can only play with 3 people. Before you choose your character you should know that there can only be one Legend type per team. You cannot pick the same legend as your teammate. Therefore, try to choose combos which will be useful to accommodate your playing style. Here are some Legends based on different playing styles:

  • Defensive Combo: Caustic, Gibraltar, Lifeline
  • Aggressive Combo: Bloodhound, Bangalore, Mirage

These combos are made for these specific reasons. In a defensive combo, Lifeline is able to provide you with the health you need, while Gibraltar protects you from damage. Caustic can open use Nox Gas Traps everywhere to keep enemies away and get you out of bad situations.

Aggressive Combo is made up of highly mobile Legends. Bangalore is a very nimble Legend, so combining her with Bloodhound is amazing. The particular feature is Bangalore’s smoke launcher while Bloodhound’s Ultimate Beast of the hunt allows him to see through the smoke and buildings. Also, Mirage is able to create diversions for the enemy team.

8. Ziplines

Ziplines are very important movement tools as they allow you to travel both ways and get to high ground. However, a different type of ziplines are the ones that stand upwards. These Ziplines allow you to go up and fly anywhere you want in a radius. It is extremely useful in tight situations when you are racing to get into the ring. Also, remember that many players will not expect you to use a ziplines when you are in the middle of a fight. You can put one of Caustic’s Gas grenades around the zipline to act as a trap.

This is the first edition of Apex Legends Beginner Tips and Tricks. As we continue to master the game, detailed articles will go be posted. Always remember “They kill you they are better, you kill them you are better.”

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