Apex Legends Art – Best Artwork Done by Fans

Apex Legends Art - Best Artwork Done by Fans Artist Painting
Image source: u/a_wild_tee_appears Reddit

One of the best things about gaming communities is that we get to see a creative side that we wouldn’t see anywhere else. Specifically forums, and in this instance, the Apex Legends Reddit page. Here’s some Apex Legends Art done by fans.

Apex Legends Art – Best Artwork Done by Fans

Apex Legends is one of the biggest games right now, and the most popular game on Twitch. It entered the Battle Royale scene and has dominated its competitors. By offering a unique spin to traditional Battle Royale games, Apex Legends hit a home run with many gamers. The community now has grown substantially across different channels. Social media, forums, and sites like Reddit have a large Apex Legends following.


Apex Legends Reddit page just hit 500k subscribers. That’s a lot of fans on Reddit for a game that’s just three and a half weeks old. Out of those 500,000 subscribers are many talented artists, and they aren’t afraid to show their skillset. Some have posted their work already on the site, depicting characters from Apex Legends. We have decided to put together a list for you to see what kind of artwork has already been posted, which all are very impressive.

These were the ten most upvoted artwork posts on in the Apex Legends Reddit page. In no particular order, here are some of the best Apex Legends Art.

10). Wraith Shoe Redux
Apex Legends Art Wraith Shoe Redux Sneakers Zmandella Kicks Boots
Image source: u/zmandella Reddit

This elegant piece was done by Reddit user Zmandella. The title of the piece is “Wraith Shoe Redux”. Essentially, if Nike were to release. One user commented, “No wonder these are wraith shoes, they’re sneakers.” Nicely said, Wraith’s abilities are all about sneaking around the enemy. The shoe looks incredibly real, as if the user just took an existing shoe and just photoshopped it in, however, Zmandella himself said “I started from scratch” in the comment section when someone asked if these were real or not.

If Nike stumbles the Apex Legends Reddit page, hopefully, they’ll adopt this design as it has a really slick look. If that would be the case with Nike, these shoes would most likely be Limited Edition and sold out instantly, making them great collector items.

Link to source

9).  Lifeline Pixel Art
Apex Legends Art Lifeline Pixel Artwork 8-bit Art
Image source: twitter.com/filsato

If old PC Gaming company Sierra Entertainment, or LucasArts would be around, they’d definitely approve of this wonderful 8-bit. Reddit user Shadow_Ninja got the permission of his girlfriend (Filsato) to post this awesome picture. Titled “Lifeline Pixel Art”; it captures everything about Lifeline perfectly. The Princess Leia hair buns, the Japanese anime large eyes, and the bandanna.

Lineline would definitely fit in an old PC gaming Point-and-click adventure game since they were all done pixelated in this fashion. The blue stroke around Lifeline is a nice touch to bring her out more in the picture. The artist, Filsato has a twitter page. You can check out her other artwork here.

Link to source

8).  “I am Bloth Hoondr!” – Bloodhound
Apex Legends Art Bloodhound I am Bloth Hoondr Art Artwork
Image source: u/slightlygreenish

One of the hardest abilities to face in Apex Legends is Bloodhound’s “Beast of the hunt”. His bloody red eyes and super speed movements throws off enemies, and Bloodhound becomes ever-so deadly. This is why this artwork done by Slightlygreenish is dead on… well… for one small mistake. But before discussing that, Slightlygreenish did an excellent job creating the creepy deep black shades, the blood red background mixed with the hunters knife at the bottom.

The fact that Bloodhound telling you to be quite is creepy in itself. With all the perfect points touched, it seems that artist did one mistake, and that’s by giving Bloodhound’s right hand a “6th” finger. One user on Reddit pointed this out saying, “bro why does my mans have six fingers? or am i having a stroke?“. Despite the error, the post has garnered up to 3.4k upvotes as of this writing.

Link to source

7).  Apex Legends Caustic Painting
Apex Legends Art Caustic Painting Art Artwork
Image source: u/Nuharryr Reddit

If there was ever a painting needed for Apex Legends to be done, it would be of Caustic. The beautiful glowing green smoke, the serious demeanor of Caustic, and big outfit. All of that makes this painting rival the greats like Picas… Alright, I won’t push it. But this is some great artwork. The artist, Nuharryr, wrote on the Reddit post that “No ones made any cool Caustic art“, so he made one. What is great about this piece is the fact that the image looks like a painting.

With its brush strokes, and finishing, someone could print a life-sized picture and it would truly look like a painting. Nuharryr has an Instagram account where there’s a bunch of other art on display. You can view them here (highly recommended!).

Link to source

6). Apex Legends Wraith Fan Art
Apex Legends Wraith fan Art
Image source: u/agito666 Reddit

Here’s another art piece done by Reddit user agito666. It’s a great looking sketch of Wraith, which looks like it was done in blue pen. The artwork is well done, making sure to grasp all the details of what Wraith looks like in-game. The sketch looks like a pre-production blueprint of Wraith, or even the last drawing of the prototype picture where the artist added the finishing touchings.

If there were Apex Legends comic books, agito666 definitely needs to be hired to do the sketches of all the characters as this piece is phenomenal. What one could do is print this image up and color Wraith themselves. It might be a little difficult due to all the lines, but probably manageable.

Link to source

5). Apex Legends Art Poster – Squads that Stay Together Win Together
Apex Legends Poster Art Squads that Stay Together Win Together
Image source: u/beep41

Here’s a simple, yet, power artwork was done by Reddit user beep41. Although it comes across as a simple image, putting it together was probably as difficult as some of the other artworks above. But, looking beyond the work done to it, the message behind the poster is straight forward and incredibly powerful. To all the solo players out there, take note. Squads that stay together win together. We’ve all experienced it. Joining a game where your teammates run off and die by themselves, thus, laving you in a vulnerable position.

Although it might not be as complex as the other artwork here, it has garnered the most upvotes with a smashing 35,000 upvotes. It’s definitely a common message shared amongst the community hence the large amounts of upvotes. The artist titles the post as “This will probably get buried, but this one goes out to all the randoms who like to wander off on their own.” A raised wine bottle to you too beep41.

Link to source

4). 80s Pathfinder Retro Art
Apex Legends Art 80s Pathfinder Retro Art
Image source: u/a_wild_tee_appears Reddit

This artwork is totally rad on so many levels dude. Pathfinder in a screaming 80s background is ingenious. You don’t have to be an 80s baby to appreciate it’s beauty. Even the way “Pathfinder” is written is so freakin’ 80s man. The artist, Reddit user u/a_wild_tee_appears captured everything in this picture. The color tone, the beautiful sun in the background overlooking the city skyline, and Pathfinder doing a dance pose. How is this thing not available as a full-blown image?

It definitely deserves to be hanged in the room of every Apex Legends fan. The picture was so fitting for the decade that other users started to tag the photo with r/outrun, r/cyberpunk, r/vaporwave, which are 80s reference pages. The image was well-received, and users were asking for an 80s Lifeline version, which the artist kindly did.

Apex Legends Art 80s Lifeline Retro Art
Image source: u/a_wild_tee_appears Reddit

a_wild_tee_appears also staged how the images would look framed and in an office setting. If one may say, definitely adds life to the room.

Apex Legends Art 80s Lifeline Pathfinder Retro Art Framed
Image source: u/a_wild_tee_appears Reddit

Link to source 1

Link to source 2

3). What Bloodhound Really Looks Like
Apex Legends Art What Bloodhound really looks like
Image source: u/analsphincter Reddit

Here’s a clever drawing of Bloodhound and how he actually looks like if he (not should I say “it”) removes his clothes. All that we will see is a collection of birds staying together to form Bloodhound. It’s a cute image as the whole theme behind Bloodhound is his bird-like abilities. In Apex Legends, Bloodhound is able to scan areas like a bird and even go into the “Beast of the hunt” mode in order to prey on it’s victim like a bird would. The artist, Reddit user u/analsphincter put this together with the title, “What Bloodhound REALLY looks like“. The post garnered 6.4k upvotes, impressing many fans with u/analsphincter’s creativity.

Link to source

2). Low-poly illustration of Wraith
Apex Legends Art Low-poly illustration of Wraith Sketch Paint
Image source: u/Timura_bjj Reddit

Wraith is one of the most popular characters in Apex Legends. So it would make sense that there are many fans out there, including artists to do renditions of her. Posted by Reddit user Timura_bjj, this Wraith artwork looks like a polygon, 2-dimensional shape formed with straight lines. The image is made up of triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, and hexagons. The over the shoulder look is a nice touch by the artist. Timura_bjj states that her friend did this picture. It’s a nice piece that deserves to be framed. Fans of Wraith has given their approval in the post, and many saying it looks better than the original image put out by Respawn Entertainment.

Link to source

1). Caustic Apex Legends Painting
Apex Legends Art Caustic Apex Legends Painting
Image source: u/ramzykamen Reddit

Here’s another beautiful painting-like of Caustic. A little different in the previous submission as this Caustic has a more “Superhero” look with his muscular arms and increased chest/back muscles. As well, there seems to be a victim in this representation with Caustic using a gas bomb. It’s an excellent shot of Caustic being extremely toxic using the gas. The artist did a fantastic job utilizing the gas around both Caustic and his victim as if they are in a whirlwind of toxic gas (unlike in the game). Many users were leaving positive feedback. Some requesting to make a Bangalore painting-like next. One thing’s for sure, ramzykamen definitely has “Artistic Ability” (Ultimate??).

Link to source

That was the Top 10 Apex Legends Art done by fans, which were in no particular order. These were the ones with the most upvotes on Reddit. If you’re interested in contacting any of these artists, the link to their work is found at the end of each submission. Alas, a list isn’t complete without an honorable mention.

Honorable Mention Apex Legends Art

Apex Legends Twitch Emotes
Apex Legends Twitch Emotes Art Cartoon Image
Image source: u/JBiggies Reddit

As an honorable mention to the Apex Legends Art list, this submission is different than the rest. This set of images made for Twitch to be used as emotes. Basically, when you’re in chat you can use emotes to describe a situation or reinforce your opinion, or, just to be playful. The best thing about this piece is that the seller was nice enough to offer these Apex Legends Emotes for free. The artist, name JBiggies on Reddit also has a Twitch channel here. If you liked his work, you can also contact him on either Reddit or follow him on Twitch.

Link to source

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