Apex Legends Anti-Cheat Bug Is Affecting PC Players

Apex Legends Anti-Cheat Bug Is Affecting PC Players

The Apex Legends Anti-Cheat Bug is affecting PC players, and luckily for Respawn, viewers of Diegosaurs Twitch channel were able to clip the bug in the act.

Respawn Anti-Cheat Update

In a recent update, Respawn Entertainment came out with an anti-cheat statement going over everything they’ve been doing to fight cheating and hacking in Apex Legends. For those who don’t know, Apex Legends has been plagued with many hackers using aimbots to punish innocent players. Additionally, cheaters were continuing exploiting them in the game, and many players were reporting their frustrations online.

Well, many players in the community were condemning Respawn for their lack of communication and not doing more to ban the culprits. However, with Respawn’s recent update, they’ve given fans a closer look at what they’ve been doing. Essentially, Respawn has banned and blocked over a million accounts thus far, and they’ve stated that this has decreased the hackers and cheaters more than half. In the Apex Legends anti-cheat statement, Respawn continued talking about the measures they’ve taken to protect the community and the players in-game.  They’ve stated that they have special tools and resources in order to battle the bad players whose only purpose is to create an unfriendly environment in the successful battle royale game. It has been one of the reasons why the userbase has declined over the past months. A game that was surpassing all of Fortnite’s records started to take a seat in the back while problems kept on piling up for the video game publisher.

Anti-cheat statement by Respawn Entertainment

However, with the recent Apex Legends anti-cheat initiative, things are looking bright to Apex Legends, and Twitch viewership has started to slightly increase. Will this be a reverse towards an up-trend? We’ll see with the next season that they release.

Apex Legends Anti-Cheat Bug Is Affecting PC Players

Although Respawn has laid out an anti-cheat initiative, it seems to have been causing some issues to PC players. A popular streamer by the name of Diegosaurs was recently streaming the game. Diegosaurs is an Apex Legends player for the esports organization TSM, so he is playing the game whenever he gets a chance. In the recent stream he experienced the Apex Legends anti-cheat bug that has been reported online, however, this time it has been clipped by his viewers.

In the clip he’s been knocked down and starts to get revived by his teammate. At the same time, Diegosaurs gets kicked out of the game with this error:

“The client failed an anti-cheat runtime integrity check: Violation”

It seems that he was cheating. Or was he? |The streamer instantly looked confused, as obviously, he’s never cheated. So what’s up with the message? It seems that there’s a bug and some of the Apex Legends files are broken which many PC players are experiencing across the board.

The client failed an anti-cheat runtime integrity check Violation

As Diegosaurs was left confused, one viewer said he was caught cheating, at which point Diegosaurs burst out laughing, not taking the comment too seriously. When Diegosaurs clicked continue to go back into the game, he was prompted back to the title screen with the same message.

That’s then the streamer decided to do a search on Google and check out what the error statue meant. It seems that it has to do with the “EASY ANTI-CHEAT” file. Since it wasn’t found in his folders, the game automatically prompts that message. So it wasn’t exactly a ban, or something wrong with his account.

How do you fix the Anti-Cheat Bug?

It seems that the only way to fix the bug is to reverify the files and repair them in the Apex Legends folder. This seemed to do the trick. After giving it some time, the streamer was able to go back to playing the game. If that doesn’t seem to fix the problem, then the only other way to fix it is to uninstall and reinstall the game. That seems to fix about any problem. If that still doesn’t fix it, the best place would be to go to Respawn Entertainment’s Help section on EA’s website. Here’s how to get there.

EA Help – Respawn Entertainment:


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