Apex Legends Accounts For Sale – The Darkside of the Game

Apex Legends Accounts For Sale EA User Agreement
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With a game as successful as Apex Legends, it was only a matter of time before shady players come in to try and capitalize off of the game. There are Apex Legends Accounts for sale all over gaming communities, and even popular e-commerce sites. Even though it’s frowned upon, gamers will do anything to make a quick buck on the side.

Growth Beyond Expectations

Most gamers have either played or heard about Apex Legends. It’s hard to miss a game that has broken records and makes the news almost every single day. Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn Entertainment just recently announced that the games player count reached 70 million players, and Apex Legends has only been out for 10 months. The company never anticipated this much success early on, and with that type of success brings players who are looking to piggy bank off of this success.

Apex Legends Accounts For Sale

Some shady people look to piggy bank off of the success of Apex Legends by either providing boosting services for a fee, or by selling Apex Legends accounts. The way it works is that someone farms an account. The boosters unlock skins, gain desired experience points, or get to a certain level (or max prestige). Then they sell it on the black market. Specifically, if someone is selling accounts on console, they most likely have access to multiple consoles. Through the consoles, they create a network of lobbies where they can join the same game and land in a particular area. Once all squads (accounts) are in an area, the user can then shoot each player and continue to revive, thus, gaining experience points exponentially.

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Although it’s hard to exactly outline the methods used for boosting or farming accounts, the end result is laid out all over the internet. Apex Legends boosting and buying accounts is frowned upon and goes against Electronic Arts User Agreement.

Example of how boosting is done in Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered

What Does the User Agreement Say?

Most visitors to https://www.ea.com don’t exactly go to the site to look at the User Agreement, which happens to be located at the very bottom of the website. Furthermore, most gamers don’t even know that a user agreement exists and that they need to abide by it. Only when a player commits one of the points in the agreement and gets contacted by a rep of EA will they become knowledgeable. Specifically in EA’s user agreement, there is one line that states,

“When you access or use an EA Service, you agree that you will not: Sell, buy, trade or otherwise transfer or offer to transfer your EA Account, any personal access to EA Services, or any EA Content associated with your EA Account, including EA Virtual Currency and other Entitlements, either within an EA Service or on a third party website, or in connection with any out-of-game transaction, unless expressly authorized by EA.”

Essentially, there’s zero tolerance to profit off of EA games which is what they are saying. It’s unethical as well as unfair play. When you are buying a farmed Apex Legends account, you are cheating the system and cheating the developers who worked years on creating the game. Buying an account that has been farmed; most of the items will be unlocked.

Stealing from EA

This is basically stealing as you are paying a price that is significantly lower than what is being charged through the Apex Legends store (through Apex coins). Some boosting services cost around $10, and will allow you to gain many free Apex loot tick packages which translate to money lost for EA. All of these shady users who boost Apex Legends accounts don’t take into consideration that developers need to be paid for their hard work.

This is why User Agreements are in place.  They are put in place for the end-user. It’s a guideline that dictates and defines the scope of rights and responsibilities between both parties, and in this case, EA and users who play their games.

Apex Legends Black Market

Apex Legends Black Market Place to Buy Accounts from Boosting

There are many places that sell Apex Legends accounts. Some charge for boosting services, while others charge for an account. market places like above have Apex Legends accounts for sale as well as services. It’s literally an e-commerce site setup for instant payment processing and transfer of accounts.

They offer services like:

  • Level Boosting: $3 for 1 level
  • Win Boosting: $2 for 1 win
  • Win streak: $5 for 2 wins streak ($4 with 1 more win streak before 5th streak, and $1 after the 5th).
  • Unlock banner: $10 for 1 quest
  • Apex Legends Accounts For Sale

As one can see with the Win streak offer, there’s even upsells; the more streaks you want the less you will pay.

Apex Legends Level Boosting Win Streak Cost

Types of Services Offered

There are many providers out there that offer different types of services. Some offer services like the ones mentioned above. While others go into details for example, Achievements, Badges & Trophies or flat out have Apex Legends Accounts for sale.

Apex Legends Order Kills Boosting Service

For example, this one provider offers 20 kills for $10. This begs the question if players with a lot of kills are legit or not? No one will be able to tell and only the player themselves will be the ones who hold that information. But does it really matter if a player has a lot of kills? It doesn’t better their gameplay and the only benefit these cheaters get is the “wow” factor from entering new lobbies. Essentially, these users are paying a price to impress other users.

Although these providers are found on niche websites that need to be specifically searched for in order to find them, other major e-commerce sites even have Apex Legends accounts for sale. For example, this one seller is offering an Apex Legends Wraith account which includes the Heirloom Set (KUNAİ Knife). Most of the accounts on this one particular e-commerce site are newly created, which is assumed for security reasons in case someone from EA spots the account and asks the site to take it down.

How can these shady users be stopped?

Unfortunately, there’s no stopping a black market, especially one that has a large community. Even if one site was to close down, another site would open up. EA does have the necessary tools to detect accounts that have been sold or bought; which they can determine the course of action that a particular account. But going after sites like offer services that go against EA’s user agreements is not ideal, especially with the amount of time, effort and resources put towards something like that. EA has bigger things to tackle, such as user experience in their games.

Although cheaters and boosters will always be present in any video game, the companies behind those games do have protocols to tackle them, however, not on a large scale. There will always be users who want to buy Apex Legends account rather than spending time playing a fun and exciting game, but what matters most is that you enjoy playing the game fairly and have a user experience.

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