50% of Apex Legends Players Don’t Have This Trophy

50% of Apex Legends Players Don't Have This Trophy
Image source: EA

During a recent check of PS4 Trophies for Apex Legends, 50% of Apex Legends players don’t have this one achievement unlocked. It’s a telling sign of why many players report frustration playing with random players. 

Playing as a Team

One of the most common complaints in Apex Legends is about playing with random teammates. The problem arises when teammates don’t stick together and roam around the map. Although this is a common problem across all multiplayer games, it’s incredibly important in a Battle Royale setting where the longevity of your squads life is dependent on sticking together. Being able to communicate through pings is one thing, but communicating over a mic is incomparable and many gamers play without a headset. Thus, many frustrating moments occur, from players staying in one place and no aware of the incoming circle. Or teammates leaving you behind and not pinging their next step.

With the concept of Battle Royale, teammates roles have become incredibly important in terms of survival. One part of that role is the ability to grab your teammates tag when they are eliminated, and respawning them back into the game. Countless of teams have won by respawning teammates multiple times during a game, and then coming back to win the entire match. It’s possibly the most satisfying feeling in Apex Legends as all odds were stacked up against you.

50% of Apex Legends Players Don’t Have This Trophy
50% of Apex Legends Players Don't Have This Trophy Achievement Unlocked
Image source: reddit.com/user/CaptainFishstick

A reddit user by the name of CaptainFishstick has pointed out that 50% of Apex Legends Players have not unlocked the “Team Player” trophy. To some players, that number might not be surprising. To others, it’s a telling sign that there’s a lack of teamwork within the game. Perhaps many players still haven’t realized the concept of respawning a teammate, as this is exactly what the Team Player trophy means.

When a teammate dies, they drop a death tag. If you are able to successfully locate the death package and pick up the tag, then you’ll be able to respawn your teammate back into the game. This increases your chances of getting further in the match, and possibly winning it.

Team Player Apex Legends PS4 Trophies
Image source: EA
How Do you Respawn a Teammate in Apex Legends

If you are one of the 50% that have never respawn a teammate, then perhaps the best way to understand the process is to watch the video below.

Although this could be an alarming percentage for some players, the game has just been out for a month. Some players don’t have the opportunity to play long hours and are possibly trying to figure things out still. Let’s hope this number shrinks over time.

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