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The mission of Game Life is gaming for everyone. Game Life focuses on eSports, gaming news, and video game streamers. We want to share fun and unique stories crafted by our dedicated writers that you won’t find anywhere else.

What is Game Life? Game Life is about content creation for every type of gamer. Whether you’re looking for:

  • Esports Coverage
  • Pro league results
  • Tips and tricks for new titles
  • Updates on your favorite video game streamer
  • Headlines around the video game industry

We’ve got you covered.

Game Life's Stories About Page

Location of Game Life’s Headquarters

Game Life’s offices are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. If you would like to send us an email, please use info@gamelife.com. You can alternatively send us mail at:

Game Life
1200 McGill College Avenue – Suite 1100
Montreal, Quebec
H3B 4G7

Game Life is owned by Galaxy Mobile which is registered and incorporated through Registraire des entreprises – Gouvernement du Québec under the name Groupe Galaxie – Business number: 9261-6945 QUÉBEC INC.

  • Tax ID (VAT/GST): 801806902
  • Registered Number: 1168176478
Game Life Team

Game Life Team of Authors and Editors About Page

Our team consists of dedicated writers and editors to continue offering the best user experience for our readers. If you have any questions or would like to make suggestions you can get in contact with any of the writers and editors:

Publisher: Jason Ramirez – jason@gamelife.com

Editor in Chief: Cindy Martins – cindy@gamelife.com

To view all of our authors, please view their author pages below:

Vinny Deluca

Jay Parenteau

Aleksa Kitic

Dante Uzel

Humberto Mazzarri

Jack Taddeo

Ted Racicot

Mohammed Bafaqeeh

Eugene Baggins

Steven Serne

For press coverage, please send an email to press@gamelife.com.

If you experience any technical difficulties on site, please send an email to support@gamelife.com.

We have writers all over the world and if you’re interested in joining the team, please send your resume to hr@gamelife.com.

History of Game Life

Game Life About Us Page History Company

Game Life is a video game enthusiast site that launched in Sept of 2017. The site catered to the collectibles market, showcasing some of the rarest video game items in the world. Game Life also showcased obscure items, which have been featured on sites like Kotaku and IGN. Game Life has since switched the sites focus in 2017 to cover the growing esports industry. From pro leagues to pro teams and pro players, Game Life’s focus is to inform it’s viewers of the fast-changing environment in a growing loving industry of esports.

Join us in our continued passion for esports and gaming as we continue to write compelling news and stories for the curious viewer.

Privacy Policy found here.

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